Ready to harness your superpower of transformation? 

Okay you magical being. I'm glad you're here. We're going to go places together.

Colleen Elizabeth

Hello! I’m Colleen, a dedicated hypnotherapist and transformation coach. I specialize in helping magical beings (such as yourself) TAP INTO YOUR SUPERPOWERS. We work together to reprogram the subconscious mind and overcome limiting beliefs. My mission is to empower you to create profound, lasting change, harnessing the power within to manifest your desired reality. AKA: I WANT YOU TO WIN.  Let's create the foundation for your success together. 

Create A Life you LOVE
"Colleen is amazing. She really helped me turn my life around.
Grateful for all the tools she provided me with - I do the tapping every single morning!! Feel a lot calmer and happier with life and a better understanding of who I am. " - Alyssa S. 
"She [Colleen]  got me on track with my goals and visions. She goes deeeeep. The inner child work we did was mind-blowing and exactly what I needed. Thank you"
- Catalina R.

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